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WOBBLES has arrived...a new charity created to help sick and disabled local children.  As the name suggests we are a charity with a difference.

All the trustees have given their help and time to various charities around Gibraltar in the past, and they wanted to focus in one particular area, thus Wobbles was born.

Our aim is simple, to give these children a reason to smile and to WOBBLE their world. 

WOBBLES - a non-profitable children’s charity with the future of the community at its heart – Check out our website for our Mission and ways you can get involved or donate. Check it out and find out how to meet ‘WOBBLES’ himself our charity mascot.




4th December 2010



Carl goes to Real Madrid



1st December 2010 @ 1.00pm



Kings Bastion, Leisure Centre

On Wednesday the 1st December Christmas came early for young Carl Figueras aged just 12. Carl has had some pretty rough times, since the age of 4 weeks he’s has medical problems culminating in a liver transplant earlier this year. Throughout it all he has been a brave young man and an inspiration to many more fortunate.



In the presence of the Minster of Culture, Edwin Reyes MP as well as the Wobbles Team Carl met one of his idols, Gibraltarian Joseph Chipolina who plays for local Spanish football team ‘La Bolonia’ in La Linea. As the GBC cameras rolled and the press took their pictures making Carl feel the special boy he is Joseph explained to him that not only were we surprising him with this meeting but that the very next day he and his family were travelling all expenses paid on the AVE to Madrid to watch his favourite team Real Madrid take on Valencia in a La Liga match. Not only that he was to stay at the same 5* Hotel as the Real Madrid team, receive a full hospitality package at the Real Café before the game and get £500 spending money. It was a dream come true for Carl and hopefully one of many dreams the Wobbles team hope to realise.



A massive thanks must got to the Ministry of Culture for their help, to the staff and organisers at the King’s Bastion where the whole event was staged, Joseph Chipolina for being the perfect ‘football star’ and most of all the public without whose donations this would never have been possible. Thank you very much indeed.




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